Final Victory 最后的胜利

by Barque of Dante

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但丁之舟乐队2009年专辑“Final Victory”(最后的胜利)。

The album was recorded during the big earthquake on May 12, 2008, in the band's hometown, Mianyang. During the earthquake, the recording equipment were almost all damaged and so were the finished tracks. The band members started the whole project again and when finally the album was released, it was dedicated to all the victims of the disastrous earthquake.


released May 2, 2009


all rights reserved



Mort Productions Beijing, China

成立于2001年, 中国第一重金属唱片公司, 重金属音乐制作公司 | China's 1st Heavy Metal record label and productions since 2001

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Track Name: Final Victory
Fighting with the dark
Searching for the light
My rage is the will of god
I am the arrow of revenge

Here we are to face the judging
Waiting for fantasy eyes
Life is struggling us
Cruel and never be kind

Banners dancing in the wind
For her love for victory
Carry on brothers hold tight sword
We are heading to the west

This rage is burning in
Offer strength to god war
Slay the enemies fight till we die
If it's our destiny

Fighting with the dark
Searching for the light
My rage is the will of god
I am the arrow of revenge

Here we are to take the summoning
Choose to fight or choose to die
Destiny is calling us
Our faith will break the night
Track Name: Last Moment
Take him down to the ground
Drain up his blood

Oh, lord, I'll hold to my belief

War and death never end
Blood and steel burn with rage

Oh, death, dance with me tonight I fear you not

Take him down
In front our god
Drain the Blood
Kill him now

I see the gate of light open

War and death
Fire and Steel
Immortal hate
Lord of dark

My death will lead me to the road of ultimate glory

My faith is burning with fire
Burning so bright the sun in the sky
And wind of the night take my soul afar
To the night sky and the endless starlight

This is the night of last stand
Redden this land with my blood
Tell my brothers I die with honor
Shed me no tear
I'll bless them in heaven
Track Name: Farewell
Crimson winds from the west
Bringing the message of war
The land beneath my feet
Is quivering with fear
Battle fields burning red in my dreams

Eagles flap wings to the sky
Horses neigh
Clatter hooves
I hear them calling
I hear them calling

Calling, calling for my hear
Calling me back to
Fight the enemy
Fight for my kingdom
So raise my blade again for glory

Stars light up the night
By the lake I stand
You're by my side
I hear you singing
I know you are weeping

I hold you tight into my arms
I can feel your tears wet shoulder
For tomorrow I'll be on my way
Cry for me not though it could be farewell
For all my life I've been looking for you
But why can't such happiness last forever
As vows I've taken, for you I shall fight
So smile and wipe your tears
Farewell my love

For one last time I hold face
Run my fingers through your hair
How could I not miss these eyes
Deeper than the lake
Bluer then autumn sky
Track Name: Dine in the Hell
Clouds twisting with thunder
Stars hide themselves behind
How sweet she brought me last night
But I have to leave

Please give me one more hug
For millions of enemies have come
Fight with my bravest brothers

We will be the strongest
Hearts feel my revenge
Even the burning blood under my veins

Hold on, bravest brothers
Let's bleeding in the war
Wailing enemies should burden pain

Childs are shining under moon
Swords are clashing and singing
How exciting when dropping
Enemies' heads flying

Ask for my forgiveness
When thee feel the thrill
We are invincible soldiers

Suddenly everything quiet
Nothing but my breath
Moon turn vulnerable and pale
The tomb of my hopes
Worst things happened
We are already betrayed

Darkness is coming
My warriors falling
They are facing the earth
Enemies are parading
Have I abandoned my holy truth
Suddenly, light is bursting the cloud
I hear the voice in my mind
Keeping going, my king
Goodness is waiting for you
I should hold my fist tight to fight
To find my fate angel
Track Name: Immortal King
Down in the deep of blackened mountains
Surrounded by the still water without light
My soul is called into the dead land
No light no life only darkness
This is the land of pain and death
Demon in your nightmare you never seen

I am the lord of endless darkness
King of death and all desires
These are your last words
For soon you'll die by my hand

Even the death quivers for my wrath
And the moon hide her face and cry
I'm here to send you back to hell
Your doomsday has come so -
Say your prayers before your death
Tell them whom I've defeated
Even the earth quivers for my wrath
And the moon hide her face to cry

Say my immortal name
And bow your knee again

Darkness blinded my eyes
But the light in my heart
Will lead me to victory I believe
(Should be the beacon to shine all sea)
Blast deafened my ears
But the insights of my mind
Will drive me to the destiny truly
(Will drive me to the pure faith eternally)
King fight alone with glory
Will be sung by poets forever
Track Name: Warrior's Ballad
Night falls and the fire burns brightly
Here we sat and listen to a song so sad
A song blows in the wind and a man remembered
A story of the old times and a love never ends

Where the mourning star rises lies a warrior
Who left his home and followed by the eagles trail
Who riding through the land with a horse so fast
Who's living and dir and buried with his sword

With a belief of light in his heart
He head deep into the darkness of night
He brings life to the no-life land
He raise his sword and fight till death

He has no tombstone to carve his name
But a tree grows tall into the sky
All the birds and every flower tells his story
A story of a warrior and a love never ends
Track Name: My Spirit Will Go On (DragonForce cover)
Life is a misery, don't know how it's come to be
Death, the epitome of all of our days
In the past we had no choice to hear or to be the voice
Close your eyes and visualise the demon to arise

You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be
And now that misery has taken a new stand
In the land of a thousand souls we will carry on through the rain
In the sun we will move along with the memories of the slain
When I see this humanity and the evil that they have come to be
We've come to the point of no return and you beg for just...

One more time to escape from all this madness
One more time to be set free from all this sadness
And one last time to be the one who understand
My soul and my spirit will go on, for all of eternity

Foreign the currency, your payment in blood to be
Death is the desitny for all of our ways
In the dark you hide away for who or what you can't say
When I see the power of the demon come alive

You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be
And now that misery has taken a new stand
On the wings of eagles flying staring on to the sun
Reaching for the gold horizon when the war shall be won
Can you see the debautury and the blade of death that has come for thee