Damaged System

by Tumour Boy

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Intro 01:15
have a look you self 看看你自己那副德行 with an sick teeth 长着一嘴烂牙 all we smell your words 听见你的话 fell fuvking up your mind 感受你的心 take your down and l will let you die 击倒你 要让你死 everyday and all the time 每时每刻 money means life 你都在想着钱 bitch holocaust 婊子屠杀 put my trigger 扣动我的扳机 bomb your silly head 打爆你的蠢头 bitch holocaust 婊子屠杀 on your knees 滚下 kiss my ass 亲我的xx in front of the people 在人们面前 you pretended to be innocent 你装作纯洁 blood will take off your mask 鲜血将要脱下你的面具 send me to kill 让我去杀了你 now and listen 现在给我听好了 knee down like a dog 像狗一样跪下 l will tell you 我的要告诉你 my pleature is watch you pain,poor like begger 我的快乐是看你像乞丐一样痛苦 kill innocent bitch 杀了装纯婊子 kill innocent bitch 杀了装纯婊子
UxFxAx 01:39
Hooligan 03:38
shadow has over the night today some one must die kill the false you cant imagine its one l wannasee bay serial killer 湾区杀手 open your eyes 睁开你的眼睛 bay serial killer 湾区杀手 taste your blood 品尝你的鲜血 more disire from your body cause tell me what you dream cook the body sinkinto the see returan to society l am forensic bay serial killer 湾区杀手 open your eyes 睁开你的眼睛 bay serial killer 湾区杀手 taste your blood 品尝你的鲜血 anatomy the people let no one rest death surround the air dont let him sister near its him forever dream
Breathless 02:53




released December 17, 2016


all rights reserved



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