沐血再臨 Bloodshed Rebefallen

by Anthelion

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released November 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Mort Productions Beijing, China

成立于2001年, 中国第一重金属唱片公司, 重金属音乐制作公司 | China's 1st Heavy Metal record label and productions since 2001

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Track Name: 蛇尸体 Snake Corpse
Dark heavens the blissful earth chokes
Conquered by shadows of a thousand crows
Pestilential stench, rotten corpse
Befogs the forest, death-stricken
Forceful will of retaliation
The tender undertone of Satan
Preaching of our fate and of our enemies
Despising the grace of divinity

Sins acute, piercing veins
Bloodshed stains the iron chains
Scales dark pitched, eyes gleaming green
Insignia of our tribe, destiny slain
Ghastly hair prolonged by hate
Weaving sins, vigorous, strained
This bloody pledge that we take
Bleeds wisdom through the eyes of the Snake

In the eyes
The darker side
Daystar fades
Nightstar glides

Argently the starlight shines
Reflecting the shaft of the scythe
Fear follows, blood drains
Annihilation echoes in the valley's gloom
Ramping thunderous, road of revenge
The Dark Ride carries his headpiece lanced
Gradually drawing close
Devouring your peace desiring soul

Dark funerals, sullen air swells
The death-lake swallowed the moonlight, chilled
Thirteen corpses in cerement enslaved
The Sorceress whispers the Snake-god's will
Sky ripping bats from under-earth soar
Warriors roar a cry of war
Bloodthirsty tunes they croak
From the depths of hell they evoke

Dark descendants
This you will revive
Damnation, our destiny
Darkness never the light shall free
Warfare will forever be

Brutal tunes, torments sing
Weeping angels, smoldering wings
Scars innumerous incised
Seizing that tear from a sorrowful eye
Distorted countenance seen
Forking evil, two-pointed tongues
Savoring the sweetness of deathly beings
Devouring innocent dreams
To hell you sanctimonious souls
Preposterous apostles of God
I'll scorn your relentless death
Beings, dirty, despicable
Now is the hour you all shall die
Your wretched moans shall linger
Until the time your blood runs dry
In gasping pain you lie

Nightmares soon shall fade
Soul-betrayed corpse of the Snake
Disbursements for boundless power
Vacuity, misery, torment, anxiety
Angel who walks in the shadow of the shade
In peace all shall retire

This time those eyes disclose de novo
Sharpness of gleaming green
Scattering, slicing, swords of ray
Suckling blood, slaughtering heat
Tempting trap of poisonous fangs
Now left everlastingly senseless
The damned among the living
Till eternity reconciling
Track Name: 零 Sin of Aeon
Track Name: 無懼 再臨 Without Trepidation
光影千年輪替 戰爭永不止息
Track Name: 墓海 Grave Ocean
In the black of night
Waves of fury rise as songs of war sound
Bloodshed tunes of blood agitate the souls of the undead,
The melody of haunting corpses scars through the somber sky
Heads of the remnant fall
Frost of blood Descend
The undercurrent surges and for a thousand miles extend
All it devours Into the ocean graves

Tranquil is the night
Colossal is the ocean
Undefiled blood divulges in the boundless constellations
Cursed is the snake corpse
For a thousand years condemned
The war for domain must be waged

Atrocious demons wait
Somber gales howl
Appalling thunders sound to the battleground's pulsation.
Green are the eyes of the specter
Trenchant are its fangs
Iron chains smother the soul until its putrid blood drains

Putrid blood shall drain

In the dark of night
Waves of fury rise as songs as war sound
Tunes of blood agitate the souls of the undead

The melody of haunting corpses scars through the somber sky heads of the remnant fall
Frost of blood descend the undercurrent surges and for a thousand miles extend all it devours
Into the ocean grave

Blade-Handed Angels
Wings and limbs they shred
Blood spurts upon the gazes green
with flaring anger and killing intent
A howl outrageous
The arbitrator descends
to war drums thunderous arrows shrill through the rolling billiows
Upon the ground of risen pennants
The death knell is towed
A fog of blood is evoked

Soleem Slaughtering Bloody war
A bloodstainded cavalier towers in the nightly chill
Beneath the moonlight and beyond inferno flames
Enemies lie ambushed waiting to kill
Sinister winds raid as convulsed currents fall
Sweeping the shore is the sound of drawing swords
Frigid is the blade that strikes
Taking the soul
Splitting oceans
Cracking stones
Like the silver that flushes the sky when lightening fall
Released from a thousand years of torment

The evil adversary descends
Shaking the earth
Shocking the heavens
With an army of smothered souls

Compelling sorrow
A tear congeals
Tranquil is the soul that transfigures to the dream of old
With a bewildered eye
Reading the story of a thousand years
Striding alone in the netherworld

Locks of iron strangle the soul
Treading upon the beings despicable
All creation bathed in blood
Unfurling the inferno

Beneath the crescent
A bleak terror submerge
With a lonesome howl of affliction
Rotten corpses gather the souls
Drinking hatred Nine lifetimes of bloody tears
Singing of a death
A departure


Cloubs capsized
Combat thrashes through the abyss
Decapitated heads
Bloodstained oceans
A thousand years of hatred within a single gaze

Ashen hair twirls into locks of chains
Blizzard of blood
Slaughtered enemies
Sacrificed to concillate the souls of our ancestry
The pale moon rippled upon the ocean flow
A lonesome tear mourns for the ocean funeral
Track Name: 血嫁 Bloody Matrimony
煙雨夜遙 空織紗 以鮮血作嫁
幽獨寰宇 孤聲泣 潸然淚下

終盡 殊絕 赭紅花葬
心凝魂瘁 崩裂 奔流動盪
離析 神傷

破落天壤 羽緞紛飛
綺變幻境 心寄花萎
今世結髮 三千星歲難解
悠長離恨賦新辭 夜飲杯

星斗降 臨虛空幽悽愴
陰風殘雨 落霜寒 凝雪妝
冥寂孤影 黔淚勾紋面
獨行浩漫銀河 形殘身穢沐血澤

破碎闖 夢蛻飄落東方
折琴流水絕弦音 還誰此傷
哀逝長眠 溺川靜默訣別
鬢髮雙斑羽翼斷 魂靈凋謝冥獄墮還

身墜萬丈寒冰 宛若荊棘戮刑
刺骨穿心 慟凝刺骨穿心
魂魄染血幽碧瞳 目空千年界幻滅
原罪我命 鏈鎖原罪終歸我命

夢殲散 異殲散 形敗殘
空滅斷 灼身滅斷 墮地怨

負孤傷 星宿亡 喚吾之名
夜 侵寂月 魂驟滅 喚吾之名

終盡 殊絕 赭紅花葬
幽幽幻世 流離 兩相渺茫 棄世亡
Track Name: 蟄伏 冰封幻蛻 Hibernation Glaciation Exuviation
幽暗森林 降雪沐冰
血色之薔薇 呼吸邪惡聲息
罪惡慾望堆積 惡魔如絞首之刑
掐喉窒息 終至死去

喪詞 立於絕望之時
日暮之後 黑暗將至
靜待氣絕 斷夢心窮棄世

霜雪飄悠 闔起死灰雙眼
幽幽嘆息 臨終絕美之詩
蒼白唇齒 顫抖輕聲悼念祝詞
閉目凝視 閃爍夜星消逝

血紅薔薇 花瓣飄落四散
凝霜凍尖刺 劃破聖潔無知
飛舞漫天 吟唱死亡之頌歌
墮地長眠於此 殘冬霜雪冰釋

毒蛇蟄伏百日 初吐蛇信
碧瞳漸明 血色幽光乍現
甦醒 冷血刺骨 獠牙劇毒
罪貫遠古憶殘 蛇麟幻蛻

傳承祖靈智慧 禁果如此甜美 棄絕
蛇骸征戰敗退 受冰封咒詛千年 沈睡

劇毒 親吻血紅薔薇
黔淚染花 腐蝕鮮豔絕美
泛漣漪 銀月倒映死湖水面

再臨 百日長眠甦醒
蛇骸之主 重回故土聖地
背負原罪荊棘 喚醒沈睡記憶
殺戮嗜血 征戰宿命
黑暗長髮 餵養憎恨邪極
訂鮮血魂契 惡貫幽冥
千年鏈鎖禁錮 吾族之靈
猶記蛇神旨意 戰爭永不止息

冰雪懺 寒風催薔薇輓
刺霜凍襲 百日蟄伏漸醒憶還

號令吾族眾集 喚醒染血宿命
備征戰再起 殺聲貫天闢地
幻化神敵 率領地獄千軍
嗜血之鐮怒號 誓橫掃日辰月星

喚吾族 宿命荊棘血染
號率眾靈 凝聚再起千年征戰

鐵鎖令 祭末日幽冥
蛇骸無懼 神敵降臨 夜殲行
Track Name: 夜殲炙獄炎 Bloodshed in the Dark of Burning Hell
殺戮 戰鼓急鳴響聲促

夜殲行 邪毒誅
戮躪殘虐 凶煞惡邪

幽冥魔殿 妖炙
陰魂盤旋 掠奪人間

屠戮眾生 踐踏鄙賤至氣絕
神敵 掀起宿命之戰

滅 玄海延 嘯
殂落冥界 焠鍊血魂牽
劫 化陰孽 悚
變幻妖陷 屍首堆聚結
顫動 身顫動
變幻妖陷 屍首堆聚結


骸骨亂葬 巫妖靜穆咒祈
腐朽凋零 劇變襲
屍靈再起 遵奉號令
戰玄天 逆行

毒沫唾液 玷污聖潔純淨
盡其荒誕邪淫 貫穿虛無之名

深淵萬丈 末世號角吹響

神敵破魂 搖撼伊甸天堂
引領災難 直至滅亡
聖靈使者捍衛 怒賜疾雷
火焰之劍守護 強禦敗退
榮光照耀 武裝權柄皆歸
天譴 罪無赦免
Track Name: 破魂錄 The Tome of Broken Souls
天譴炙 烽火延 焚燃日月之蝕
穿刺 怒雷飛矢 屠戮 萬惡交織

戰亂闢燎原 河川赤紅如血
山崩地裂 屍首堆疊 風雲變

暴襲 肆殘虐 血鐮煞奪命催
孤掠殺 狂灼焰 禍殃聖光剿滅

幽冥 妖氣悚 斷翼墮溺邪
魂煉 焦骨炙獄炎 幻化 再臨界

破魂 噬天

翼 蛻羽黑 魂漸醒 聚凝念
神動靈變 翅展光炫
揚 騰躍翔 空明滅 狂風捲
長嘯怒號 漫天飛旋
長恨千年 誓還仇 率軍揚塵
神敵號令 盡其誅殺 末日決戰

箭凝弓弦 齊發萬千
血雨碧落 流向黃泉
振翼罪孽 慟殺天闕
破魂悽怨 永葬寰宇之間

吾族宿命 謹記祖靈遺言
毀滅權柄冠冕 討還咒詛鎖鏈
Track Name: 神敵 The Evil Adversary
罪亙遠古 暴屍橫遍 炙邪衝焦土
永火煉獄 屠殺九野 滅魂貫參天

惡催刮骨腥風 血染星辰降
山洪聚殲暴殘響 赤紅日暮揚

怒雷踏碎 混沌震盪 擊山川海嶽
土崩石裂 悲鳴 浪捲海嘯洪水劫

蛇骸毀地滅天 幽冥呈妖祥
末日降臨 眾惡奉行 攻蒼穹逆麟

黑闇襲 吐納死亡聲息 嗅極邪
侵暴行凶虐 陰官咒
神祈祭 貫惡驚心
獻蒼生奠玄冥 殘殺無盡 怵目戮躪

碧海乾涸豐血澤 色映月陰

手握權柄日月星 破碎墜地
跪拜七頭十角之獸 乞求憐憫

征戰聖地 踐踏迫害神之子民
褻瀆聖父聖子聖靈 摧毀虛無三位一體
幽冥國度旗幟揚起 主宰降臨



生命之樹乾枯凋零 善惡果實絕命喚醒


光影千年輪替 戰爭永不止息
神敵降臨 行末日審判 受烙刑
背負獸之印記 躲藏於敗腐之地
隱含墮落 邪惡交織神啟

從死裡復活 從活裡死去
啃噬祢骨中血肉 獸之名得應許
卑賤貪婪尋永生 信神必得勝?
毀滅榮耀恩典 領入第七日黑色安息

歡述吟唱讚美詩 黑暗天使
悲述悼念滅世詞 幽冥安息日

神敵滅世 主宰寰宇 三千年統治
蛇骸之咒 蛻破重生 幻滅太陰蝕

鏈鎖魂魄 斷禁回
九命同歸 登基王位